About Me

My name is András Bánkuti,
I’m a photoreporter.

My story, too, started in the Soviet Union, in Leningrad (now once again called Saint Petersburg as it was in the past).

My father had a Hungarian scholarship to Leningrad university and met my mother, a student from Alma-Ati in Kazakhstan, there. They got married in 1957 and started a new life in Budapest. I was born here in 1958. I went to Moscow several times in my childhood and with my grandparents to Alma-Ati. I remember we were there several weeks once and by the time we got home, I could hardly speak Hungarian. I am interested in the Soviet world and its people and though I consider myself Hungarian, when I step onto Russian soil, I do not feel that I am among strangers.

András Bánkuti

Latest News

I tested the new Nikon Z7 camera!
September 15, 2018

I was a guest of Nikon in Tokio, Japan at the press conference where the company introduced the new NIKON Z7 on 23 August 2018. Although the company was in deep silence in advance, everybody knew...

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