Bánkuti András

András Bánkuti
Photoreporter; Founder of the Mai Manó Ház – House of Hungarian Photographers

After secondary school, András Bánkuti gained a qualification in professional photography and then completed the Photojournalism course at the György Bálint Academy of Journalism. He has worked for several publications as a photo reporter and picture editor. He was Director of Photography between 1995–2015 for an economic weekly, HVG and is currently Editor-in- chief of Digitális Fotó Magazin. His photographs have been published beyond the Hungarian press, in The New York Times, The Guardian and Business Week.

In 1983, the International Association of Journalists presented him with the title “International Master of Press Photography” and he won the grand prize at the Interpress Photo Competition in 1991. He was the 1993 recipient of the Rudolf Balogh and Pulitzer Memorial prizes, and the Táncsics Mihály prize in 2010.

Publications: Győr Ballet (1999), Marginal Values (2003), People (2007).

He was one of the founders, with Magdolna Kolta and Károly Kincses, of the Mai Manó Ház – House of Hungarian Photographers in 1996.


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